Greyhound Adopter’s Pledge

By Hettie Ballweber

Whatever it takes, I will learn about you; How you raced and ran as they cheered you through. Your history and character I’ll study too. I know it’s the very least I can do.

Whatever it takes I’ll provide for you, From the soft cushy bed to the bones you chew. I’ll read all of the books about what you need, And all the advice I promise to heed.

Whatever it takes I will do for you, All the trips to the vet and the pet store too. I’ll do it all with a loving heart; You deserve nothing less than a brand new start.

Whatever it takes I’ll appreciate you, For the joy that you bring and your loyalty too. It’s time you receive the love you have earned, And what you have given should now be returned.

Whatever it takes I will honor you, For the grand creature you are and your ancestors too. I’ll admire how you love and the way that you trust, And show me the way to forgive the unjust.

Whatever it takes I will remember you; “I’ll be there with you when your life is through” There’s a place in my heart that’s there just for you, And we’ll meet again someday with a joyful roooooo…….! BOL ♥ !!!!