Spring Meet Day 5 – The Finals!

Started off as a wet day here in Abilene. Had thunderstorms overnight and that is not good in Kansas in the Spring (Tornado Season). Racing started promptly at 9:00am. Track was soft, wet, and safe. Times a little slower than yesterday but that is expected with the soft track.

And they are off…… Buddy (the lure) comes around in front of the box.

Leaving the break and entering the stretch to the first turn…..

Continue on to the first turn past the eventual finish line…..

Into the first turn…..

Continuing the first turn…… Kicking up a little sand onto the dogs behind us….

And down the back stretch towards the second turn…..

Through the second turn…. keeping up with Buddy…..

Out of the second turn and into the home stretch……

Reaching for the win…..

Back into the first turn after the finish line (dogs aren’t asked to stop on a dime, they would risk running into the lure)….

Daddy…. Mommy….. We can’t get to it!!!! (The lure collapses and hides behind a gate at the end of the race. The dogs are attracted to it by its sound).

And that is the final race of the Abilene National Greyhound Association Spring Meet.

Had a great time, I saw some wonderful athletes in training, I saw some great retired athletes, I saw the pups of the future, and I visited some great farms.

I want to offer a special thank you to Judy and Tony Mills, the Ryans (Farmer, Breeder, and Ryan Racing Kennels owner), Kenneth Biehle (Breeder, Kennel Owner, and Greyhound Owner), the Greyhound Hall of Fame, Gary at the National Greyhound Association, and many others for allowing me to have un-announced visits to kennels, and farms as well as setting up a great visit in Abilene.

The Fall Meet is in October, 2011….. Will we see you there?

This evening is the beginning of the auction and will include some of the pups that have raced over the last week. Some of them where entered for pride and won’t be sold. It is funny, regardless of what everyone has to say the pride of the dog winning is the main reason that many of these dogs were brought to Abilene. They will now return to their farms, go back to the tracks, and return to Abilene in the fall to race again. You can watch these great pups by checking out http://www.greyhound-data.com where races are entered and breeding records are maintained for Greyhounds around the country.

Oh, and before anyone sends me any messages to the contrary… check out the charts, once again we did not have any injuries for today. So, over two days we ran 44 races, average of 6 dogs per race, that means that there are 264 trips. Today 3 dogs were not raced because the owners decided to keep them off of the wet track. So, out of 261 trips, 0 injuries. Come to Abilene in the Fall and see for yourself. While you are there, visit the farms, see the pups, and talk with the farmers. Get the real story for yourself.

Now, a 1600 mile drive back to my own retirees in Connecticut that have all been causing trouble for Jesse while I have been gone….


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