Handicapping II – Lanes

By Paul Wheeler
 You are driving down a three lane highway with cars ahead of you in each lane when the car in the furthest left lane realizes at 70 miles an hour realizes his exit is nearly upon  him- you ease up on the gas quickly and hope for the best.
In greyhound racing the exit -which is the sweetspot to the first turn will take no prisoners and violent collisions will occur.As handicappers we must determine via early speed/the speed of the break, and rather importantly racing lanes of each greyhound. The lane to the first turn where racing room is all important.
I’ve seen arrows with directional interpretations to the turn on some handicapping sites. I want you to visualize the box to turn lanes of each greyhound in this exercise.
The program for this race can be found here.
Friday 8/19  at Southland race 18. It’s Tiger time. lets review the race per lane /capsule.
1. Some early speed/likes low
2. Slow out of box, nice pup /first time long/hmm.
3. Slow out of box/hot late.
4. Very slow box/hot late
5. Very slow out of box/no life recently
6. Some jump/grinder in tough.
7. Tiger loves wide/great break should slingshot turn easily.
8. 703 closer/off form.
I would “see”‘ Tiger snapping off break to turn  with closers working thru mid track.  Review our last artcle and toss three maybe 256. Key the 7 for your tri. winner.
Good Luck and Safe Racing!