From the Kennel

These are all pictures from a racing kennel at an active track. Enjoy the pictures……

Turnout is over, time for a nap…..

See…. plenty of room, plus the security of home. The pups can see each other and interact but each one is safe in their own area.

Can you spot the missing foodgroup? Popyeye spinach?

And once feeding time is over, it’s back to nap-time until the next scheduled activity.

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Pictures from the racing kennel

I was fortunate enough a few years ago to meet Cracker on a visit to a kennel in Southland. Someone was kind enough to send me these pictures today of Cracker playing in the turnout area.

This is Dave the Dog enjoying his birthday.

(c) Copyright 2011 – Heather P.

Mini Catches some Z’s: 6/13/04 (RC’s Mini Blast) Not that Mini is spoiled or anything, but if I sit on the floor, she’ll come jogging over and plop down in my lap, then proceed to doze off if I scratch her chin and neck enough.  Thing is, I can’t get her to stand back up after she lays down on me.  Someone Else has to lift her up so I can get up without her just hitting concrete.  Anyhow, Minis is definitely my little spoiled-rotten brat.  I broke her in in Tucson nearly two years ago, and she’s learned to take full advantage of the fact that she can get away with anything. C. Gray

Climbing Rug Mountain: 5/19/04 (Eufala) Everyone, meet Eufala. Pronounce it: You-FAH-luh.  But you can just do like we do and call her The Midget.  She’s the smallest dog by weight in the kennel, though she’s got a slightly stockier build and thus looks bigger than Georgia Peach.  We keep our clean carpets in a stack on a stand right there by the back door, and her favorite pastime is to get a running start, then take a flying leap and land on top of the pile standing up.  We don’t encourage this, since the stack is usually 41/2 to 5 feet high, but more often than not we’ll hear a commotion outside and there she is, wagging her tail and showing off for everyone else below her, who are usually barking like mad.  I’ve never had anyone else brave enough (dumb enough?) to attempt this stunt, but she seems to enjoy it mightily.  This picture is of her atop her domain. C. Gray

Spotzle! 6/9/04 (DB See Spot Run) We’d finished grooming for the afternoon, and I sat down on the edge of the bench for a break.  I told Danny, “Hey, let Spot out right quick.”  I’ve been getting her pepped up for her big match race final that was coming up.  She came barreling around the corner, leapt, planted her feet on my shoulders, and knocked me backwards onto the bench.  Olivia happened to have her phone out, and she snapped a quick picture of the scene. C. Gray


It’s off to the races. Video of the athletes being checked and loaded as they prepare for the evening card at the track.

After the race a little bath is nice:

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