Handicapping III – Wrap Up

By Paul Wheeler

This article will add to and wrap up our first three lessons on greyhound handicapping.

We have discussed cutting down the field to five viable racers by tossing three dogs who will not finish first or second.. We then discussed the importance of  looking for the appropriate  lane to the turn for your key pick. We all have painfully learned the fastest greyhound does not win every race. Finally we are going to  incorporate what we have previously learned and look at the all important break.

My greyhound ALL HAIL EDDIE was an early speed racer who was lights out to the turn at OP. If Eddie drew inside I always winced-but if he snapped his break had his lane  to swoop the turn the race was his. If Eddie couldn’t hit his sweet spot he tried anyway and the results were  never positive.

Let’s look at Race 11 at Daytona Beach on Friday 9/2/11.

#1 Bluefame Bogie has snapped off 6.64 /6.72 /6.72 /6.73 time sets -indicated on program page- racing inside Bogie has had great race success. In this race tucked  in the 1 box with TWO slow/wide running style neighboring dogs -Bogie has the the break,speed to the turn,an open rail for racing room – (our important lane to the sweet spot) and will be our key pick.

With our basic understanding of the program we have selected a greyhound with a high winning %, who has  documented  early speed and fast time sets to the turn. In addition using our visual interpretation of how this race will unfold Bogie should hit the turn and draw off for a win. We will toss three dogs we have determined not to hit the q and play a $1 trifecta    1/xxxx/all  for a trifecta win.  well done.