Farm Boyfriends

So where was I? Oh yes… Boyfriends.
Boyfriending on the farm isn’t quite as simple as it is in the race kennel. There, I had my hands on my dogs pretty much all the time. All… Day… Long, and in a variety of situations. Turnouts and sprints and schools and weigh-ins and rub-downs and groomings, so Boyfriends were fairly easy to detect early on. Here, while I still enjoy most of those activities, my duties expand my horizons a bit. So I not only have the youngsters in the kennel to consider…. there’s fielders too. And babies of assorted ages. Oh dear, oh dear, there may be an awful lot of Boyfriends around here.

It probably goes without even saying, the studlies are Boyfriends automatically. They insist on it, and I’m helpless to defy them. Just something about the swagger in them knocks me quite loopy, and I just can’t resist a studly. We have 2. Thankfully, there aren’t more than that because my Boyfriend list would be all filled up and I need room for several. So Alex (the black one) and Red (the … um… red one) are Boyfriends just for being Daddies. My rules, I can make ’em up any way I want. It delights me to touch them, these fine big boys. They delight in being touched. And while both of them are stunningly beautiful and perfectly charming, I may be leaning a little (in my twisted and utterly without reason preferences) to Red. Somewhere in his name, I think there’s a Rooster. If there isn’t, then he must really wonder why I call him Cock-A-Doodle. In a silly cartoon voice. His back is as broad as a coffee table. Seriously, if he’d stand still for a moment, you could lay out a cheese tray on him.

And plates and forks.

And a wine decanter with 6 glasses. This guy would be the very center of the party.

But the Boyfriend list goes on (and on and on …) so let’s see what we have here.

Bino (rhymes with Deano) is big. Wait, he’s BIG. I’ve no idea what he weighs, and he certainly isn’t carrying too many pounds for his stature. Nearly as tall as my darling Big Tay, but with a very different look to him. More chiselled perhaps, with a finer face and a broader chest. I’d set this youngster up against anything the AKC has for looks alone. And if you’ve been paying attention to my Boyfriend criteria, looks don’t matter to me most of the time. BIG, however, does. And he is. He’s also sweet and charming. And he’s BIG. Just makes me smile to look at him.

Now sometimes, a Boyfriend decides he is one. Hey, I’m new here and I’m open to suggestions. The time I spend outside with my dogs is a useful tool in Boyfriend selection. Ah, yes, and they use it equally well.

While I have been keeping the peace, I often find a face under my arm. “Hi honey, you’re a good boy. What’s your name?”

“Luciano” his muzzle tape replied. Smile, cuddle, go along and play now honey. But soon he is back with a nudge and an upturned snout. Since I have absolutely zero Italian accent, saying his name comes out sounding ridiculous. I tried shortening it to Lucien. Hm. Not what I’m after. So he’s Lucy. Actually, he’s “Looooo-Seeeee”, and he thinks it’s mighty fine. Dogs are not much encumbered with gender specific names. I Love Lucy.

I’ve only spent 3 days here, and on my first field expedition, I found a litter of just plain sweeties. They didn’t rip me to shreds much, and most of them are smilers. Big silly grins that just make me double over in grins of my own. One of them is Corleone. Dark fawn with a mask, and a white snippy on his nose. He ignored his breakfast completely to spend time with me. Silly boy. “Go eat honey! You’re cute and I love you, but don’t be stupid!” Nope nope nope, gonna play with you. Smile.

He melted me.

So is anybody counting? Day 3, and it looks like Cock-A-Doodle (and Alex, of course), Bino and Lucy and Corleone. 5 Boyfriends in 3 days.

This is gonna be great!


Note: In case you haven’t noticed Betty has moved from the Race kennel to the Farm. Life makes a full circle. We look forward to many stories of her life with the Brood mom’s and the pups!