Introduction to Handicapping

Contributed by P. Wheeler

In the movie Ocean’s Eleven after the almost impossible mission was described in detail -the simple question was asked-what to we do then just walk right out with the money? The deadpanned response -yup.

In greyhound handicapping with over dozens of factors to figure out- with different track surfaces,distances,racing style biases-on and on – the answer to are we going to win? – is still the same-yup.

We all know how to read a program. Hundreds of different variations of handicapping thought processes will be tossed your way -most of them probably right in application, Define yourself and build your own-it is your money you are investing.We are looking at some of them-none my own but well thought out by brilliant handicappers.

We will look at the 5th race at OP Wed afternoon 8/17. There are 8 dogs -they all couldn’t win? In most races no. So we will begin by selecting the 3 dogs we believe will not finish first or second. Many articles/handicappers believe a key is to cut the field down to 5.

Note: You can find the program for the above race here and the charts here. time 32.37 closest 16l behind NO. 2. best 32.10 closest 16 l behind NO. 3. our key dog 4. espd -first official race 5. sneaky 31.21 but has cleared in only 1/4 races 6.same as 1&2 NO. 7.espd with a little life 8. vgood breeding with espd but first official race. We will toss 126 and if they finish 3-8 th we have succeeded in this exercise. Why not key the 3 with /4578/all in a $24 tri bet after all our work.

Eliminate  the 3 dogs that will not finish 1/2 at any track or program and see how well you do?

Becoming well versed in this will slice your cash handicapping to just 5 dogs. good luck!

The Rest of the story……

Race 5

Finish Runner Win Place Show
Deanos Redstorm
10.80 3.60 3.60
Easi Sable
  2.80 2.80
Rj’s Gravedigger
Pmb Piston
$3.00 Perfecta 8/3 66.90
$2.00 Quiniela 3/8 12.60
$2.00 Trifecta 8/3/2 311.00
$1.00 Trifecta Box 155.50
$2.00 Superfecta 8/3/2/1 1,984.40
$1.00 Superfecta Box 992.20



3 broke poor races hard late-Just what you hope for when you play an all ticket-a rat dropping into third.


$311 tri- good payoff – next time lol