Kennel Pictures

Thank you to a D’Arcy Kennel at Derby Lane for sharing the pictures in this gallery.

Since the crate “issue” is always a hot topic, I have added the weight of each dog in the crate pictures to give perspective

·         Daniel and Taylor (Daniel is 5-9”) and Taylor is a 63lb greyhound.  The look snuggly and happy in the crate together 🙂
·         Nadia, Clara and Bee are 68-70lb girls …. They all look happy and content
·         Buck is a 71lb boy (eating a chew in his bed picture)
·         Flo is a 61lb girl (eating a chew in her bed picture)

Grooming and milkbones:

We have a few dogs that LOVE to carry things 🙂  Hence the extra pictures of Geoff and Fred, both are part retriever lol.

All of dogs get milk-bones after their races, after exercise, after grooming, etc, etc.  All of our dogs know where the milkbone box is and they “wait” for their treat and many will carry their treats back to their kennel.

Here are a few phone pictures of the “milkbone grab” and the “milkbone carry” with Nasa, Blaze, Geoff.  I added a picture of Felix after being groomed, because he looks so proud, happy and shiny!!

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