Survivors Finally Head Home

This is a Sunburst





It is with great joy that we are able
to finally make this announcement:

With Ron Williams convicted of animal cruelty
and serving a five year prison sentence,
the 5 survivor greyhounds are no longer “evidence”
and can begin the journey to a forever home.

Thank you  to The Sunburst Project Kennel Manager, Stacie,
who has rehabbed, loved and cared for all 5 for the past year.
They are now happy, healthy and completely spoiled hounds!
And all 5 are bound for loving homes!

Meet one of the five:

This is “Grady”





You made it big guy!!!!






Handsome “Grady” will be
The Guest of Honor
on the Greyhound Alliance/Sunburst Project
“Home for the Holidays Haul”
Grady will be joined by other greyhounds needing homes.
The number we can send on the haul depends on you.

Buy a passenger a
Here !!!

Departing December 3rd
and arriving at all gates on December 4th!