When a racing greyhound retires there are 3 options; return to the owner, return to the farm for breeding and ADOPTION.

At any given time there are an estimated 300 greyhound adoption groups operating in the U. S.  By and large these groups are made up of unpaid, hard working volunteers.

Greyhounds make wonderful and loving companions due to their hands on raising and training, the result is a well socialized dog.

Adoption Links

If you feel you might be interested in adopting one of these wonderful retired athletes here are some adoption groups for your consideration.

Adoption Links

It’s a Grey Area Greyhound Adoption (LA)
GPA – Greater Northwest
Greys Landing Greyhound Placement (WV)
Greyhounds as Pets of Northeast Florida (FL)
Keystone Greyhounds (PA)
New Mexico Greyhound Connection (NM)
Pups without Partners (CT)
Southeastern Greyhound Adoption (GA)

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