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Amateur Racing  Amateur Racing...

There are two venues for Greyhounds to race in amateur competition, one type is oval racing and the other is straight racing. The National Oval Track Racing Association (NOTRA) is for oval racing and the Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) for straight racing. NOTRA started with racing Whippets and was expanded to allow other sighthound breeds to compete in the early 80’s. LGRA was formed to give sighthounds other than Whippets the opportunity to race in straight line racing.

NOTRA, (a brief description)

NOTRA races are normally conducted on grass fields and the tracks are either oval or a “U” shape.  Much like professional racing the hounds are graded from “D” to “A” with new dogs starting in “D” grade and moving up in grade as they win races. Races are normally 3 or 4 dog races depending on the number of entries. The hounds wear numbered blankets, muzzles and normally are started from a starting box. Distances vary from 220 yards to 440 yards depending on the size of the field where the event is held and the club’s preference. The most common distances raced are 300 yards, 330 yards and 350 meter ovals for NOTRA races. NOTRA events are three programs, this means the hounds run three times in one day. Specific rules and regulations for racing in a NOTRA event can be found at the NOTRA web site.

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