NGA Spring Meet Day 4 – Thursday April 21, 2011

Thursday was the 4th day of the Spring 2011 meet. There was not a post yesterday as Wednesday did not have any races – it was a rest day for the dogs and a meeting day for the humans. I spent the day visiting a few farms and kennels – had a great time. I will put some pictures on the appropriate pages of this site as we begin to update some material.

Races began this morning with the best of Monday’s racers in the boxes. Here are a few of the pictures I took:


After the 18th race of the morning we had a great NGA picnic – food was awesome – and then we spent the afternoon visiting a greyhound farm and learning more about the dogs and the breeding program of this farmer. Since I have received a number of comments on this (we do not post comments) I did want to address one question. There was not a single injury or hurt pup in todays racing. Everyone completed the races, walked off the track, underwent drug testing, and was re-checked by the vet (They were all checked prior to running as well). All pups are sound and healthy. 18 races x 6 runners per race = 108 pups running = 0% injuries. This is VERIFIABLE FACT.

Here are some pics of the pups:


Then we visited some VIP’s on the farm. Guess who these two pups are (they all raced a successful career and are in their second part of the career on the farm):

And this guy is here on a permanent visa from Ireland:

That’s it for Thursday for pics. Afterwards we had the hall of fame banquet. See you after Friday’s races.


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