2015 American Greyhound auction for the Florida Greyhound Association


The 2015 Annual American Greyhound Auction to benefit the Florida Greyhound Association will be held January 16-18, This year we will change the way it is held a bit. This way everyone, not just AG members can participate.
Things like hauling, breedings and pups for auction will be held at Americangreyhounds.com. All other items will be held on Facebook.
Donations are needed to make this successful. Please send a complete description with photos and a value to RacingProud@gmail.com or
Lesley@itsagreyarea.com with DONATION in the subject line. Please include your full name and how you would like the donation listed, and whether you will cover shipping cost. For example donated by xxxx or anonymous.  Please feel free to email with any questions.
The FGA fights all year to keep our greyhounds racing. The start of the legislation is right around the corner so to continue to have these dogs as we know them as our pets , support the FGA .

Please visit the facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FGAauction

A separate page will be opened up as it get a bit closer !
Thank you !

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Welcome to All About Greyhounds!

Please visit our Cafe Press store. All proceeds go to Greyhound Adoption.

Welcome to All About Greyhounds!  We hope you will explore all the pages of the website, Greyhounds have many facets and we hope to showcase them all.  We endeavor to keep this website fresh and up to date, so please enjoy your visit and come back often.

Welcome to the world!

Want to play?

Now we are almost grown, what’s next?

Now we have a job!

Time to cool off.









Time to relax in the kennel.

We can do more than race, this is called Coursing.


We enjoy our retirement - by "Shot on Site Photography"








Enjoying "retirement" - by "Shot on Site Photography"








We enjoy our retirement.

We like to excavate

Hang out with old friends.

Make new friends.

Sometimes we still run for the fun of it.....

Sometimes we just run for pride...

And just relax

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